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  Message From President Alumni Association

Dr. Vikas K. Desai,
Prof & Head P.S.M Department

Dear Friends,

We all are indebted to our institution Government Medical College, Surat and our respected teachers for what all we have achieved in our life.

I am writing this message as an Alumni student, junior of A batch alumni student, classmate of B batch alumni students, senior of subsequent batch alumni students, teacher of alumni students and teacher of children of alumni students.

I am in this college for the longest duration, 43 years and I have witnessed and experienced every event of this 44 years old institution. I can say with confidence that though our development was slow in first decade there was a phenomenal catch up in following decades and there is a tremendous scope for excellent development in future.

Friends I am sure after completion of your study in this institution, with all your busy schedule of life you have always spent few moments to cherish the memories of those wonderful days you enjoyed in this college. You must be missing the campus, this college, your friends and teachers. We alumni working with this institution also miss you all a lot.

I am sure formation of Alumni association by participation of all of you shall provide us an opportunity to once again get together and revive the relations. Alumni association shall also provide opportunities to contribute to the development of our parent institution. Your contribution in cash and kid will help in infrastructural development and your academic contribution will put soul in that structure. I am sure you all will agree that such contributions is our duty towards our institution which gave us a status of the member of the noblest profession of the world and opportunity to serve the sick and needy.

I am also hopeful of contribution of Alumni association to develop the college to the state of an art institute, brining out best of the future doctors, our next generation of whom we all can be very proud of.

Please join Alumni association, an send your message, feelings and suggestions for the development of our Alumni Association and our college.

Dr. Vikas K. Desai
Professor & Head
Community Medicine Department
Government Medical College, Surat