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  History of GMCS Alumni
WELCOME TO GMC Surat, Alumni Association.
Way back in 1995, one fine morning of December old pals of batch R gathered together to commemorate 25 years of their alumnihood.
This ignited a speck of desire among many of the old GMCSites to recapitulate the glorious moments experienced during so many years of their stay at GMCS. But,...

.....a long pause thereafter.
It was on January 28th of 2000, that a few enthusiasts again got together at the very “Physiology Lecture Hall” with intent to form an actual association of past students of our college. And,..........there was a pause again.
Albeit a brief one this time. As, more heads joined hands...and more.....and more...

.....aur karvan banta gaya...
Till last year on one fine Sunday of 2nd Day of February 2003, nearly a thousand GMCSites from far and wide gathered together at the very GMCS campus and attempted to relive their own good old golden days and unanimously decided to convert it into a permanent affair. And,.....
.....Thus, our very own Government Medical College Surat Alumni Association was born (ofcourse not at F1, but at the auditorium).
There it was decided to clearly define the aims, objects, activities of the association, to form a constitution, to create and maintain a database of members, to develop and host a website for better communication, to appoint an ad-hoc committee and to schedule next meetings.
This is how we are here. Now its for all of us to be here and watch this association grow.