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  Aims & Objectives
The association shall be entirely a noncommunal and nonpolitical organization dedicated to the progress and general welfare of its members and the sick and suffering people. Its policy shall be pursued independently and shall be free from all external influences. It shall be free to participate in social welfare work and other nation-building activities in the interest of the association. In accordance with this, the objects of the association shall be :
  • To foster brotherhood and fellowship among past students of the Govt Medical College, Surat by unity, harmony, homogeneity and self-discipline.
  • To facilitate interaction, mutual assistance and welfare among the past students of GMCS.
  • To enhance and improve the education, research and patient care at the GMCS.
  • To establish liaison between the past students and present administration, students and the teaching faculty at the Govt Medical College and New Civil Hospital, Surat.
  • To give donation, grants or payments to the medical institution, medical college and medical research institutions for students of medical science.
  • To participate in social welfare, medical relief and other nation-building programmes.
  • To provide assistance, help or aid to any educational medical or charitable institutions.
  • To provide medical educational assistance, help or aid to the members and their family.